Fred was Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs when I came to Western Michigan University in 2001 to chair the History Department. Only after I had been here a while did Fred and I put pieces together to recall that we had known one another for nearly 40 years! We had been fellow students at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1962-63, before Fred transferred to Baylor to complete his undergraduate studies. It was great to have a former classmate as my provost! After Fred returned to faculty, we were colleagues for another decade and a half. Fred made the History Department’s goals his own priorities. He considered the department’s and the students’ needs in arranging his schedule. He took on the responsibility of teaching large classes at crucial times when we needed to boost enrollment. He undertook the initiative to apply, with our colleague Lynne Heasley, for a major National Endowment for the Humanities grant. The application was successful, and the grant provided wonderful professional development to teachers and boosted History’s standing in the university. Fred always recognized the good work of younger faculty and supported them at crucial times. He refused to put up with nonsense from colleagues or administrators. If a department meeting became contentious, one brief, pointed comment from Fred could bring the group back to a productive discussion. I am very glad to have known Fred, in multiple capacities. I will miss him. Fred left a lasting legacy at Western Michigan University—as an administrator, a teacher and a colleague. Marion (Buddy) Gray

Sent by Marion (Buddy) on 26/08/2016